Sentence Examples

  • COIMBATORE, a city and district of British India, in the Madras presidency.
  • Coimbatore district was acquired by the British in 1799 at the close of the war which ended with the death of Tippoo.
  • ANAMALAI HILLS, a range of mountains in southern India, in the Coimbatore district of Madras, lying between 10° 13' and 10 31' N.
  • After entering the Madras presidency, the Cauvery forms the boundary between the Coimbatore and Salem districts, until it strikes into Trichinopoly district.
  • Above the town; this was formerly a position of great strategic importance, commanding passes into Madura from Coimbatore, and figured prominently in the military operations of the Mahrattas in the 17th and 18th centuries, and of Hyder Ali in 1 755 seq., being thrice captured by the British (1 767, 1783, 1790).