Sentence Examples

  • Instead of these it has moundmaking turkeys, honey-suckers, cockatoos and brush-tongued lories, all of which are found nowhere else in the world.
  • In cockatoos, continued forwards to the lacrymal bone, so as to form a complete infraorbital bridge.
  • The influence of the Australian realm is indicated by a Megapode in Celebes, another in Borneo and Labuan, and a third in the Nicobar islands (which, however, like the Andamans, belong to the Indian province), but there are no cockatoos, these keeping strictly to the other side of Wallace's line, whence we started on this survey of the world's avifauna.
  • He goes on to observe also that in this area are found many of the most remarkable forms - all the red Lories, the great cockatoos, the pigmy Nasiternae and other singularities.
  • To the naturalist Lombok is of particular interest as the frontier island of the Australian region, with its cockatoos and megapods or moundbuilders, its peculiar bee-eaters and ground thrushes.