Sentence Examples

  • Formerly a friend and disciple of Mazzini, with whom he had broken on the question of the monarchical form of government which Crispi believed indispensable to the unification of Italy, he had afterwards been one of Garibaldis most efficient coadjutors and an active member of the party of action.
  • As usual with him, however, he failed to retain the confidence of his coadjutors to the end.
  • This gave Catherine a certain right to the throne at her husband's death, and her claims were supported by Peter's most influential coadjutors, especially by Prince Menshikov, an ambitious man of humble origin who had been raised by his patron to the highest offices of state.
  • 18), and they are promised a visit from two of Paul's coadjutors, 2 who are well known to them (ii.
  • 905) Tsurayuki and three coadjutors compiled the Kokinsh (Collection of Odes Ancient and Modern), the first of twenty-one similar anthologies between the 11th and the 15th centuries, which constitute the Niju-ichi Dai-sh (A nthologies of the One-and-Twenty Reigns).

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