Sentence Examples

  • Constriction of the aorta, as in COA, produces resistance to the flow of blood, resulting in raising the blood pressure above the narrowing and reducing blood pressure below or downstream from the narrowing.
  • Among the consequences of COA is an enlargement of the left ventricle (ventricular hypertrophy) in response to increased back-pressure of the blood and the demand for more blood by the lower body.
  • In asymptomatic children with COA, the descending aorta receives left ventricle blood through the ascending aorta; these children have fewer, if any, associated cardiac abnormalities.
  • COA can produce symptoms of congestive heart failure or high blood pressure (hypertension) as early as the first week of life or may produce no symptoms until later in life.
  • More Portuguese troops had been raised, and reinforcements received from England, so that the Allies, without the Spaniards above alluded to, now numbered some 75,000 men, and from near the Coa watched the Douro and Tormes, their line stretching from their left near Lamego to the pass of Banos, Hill being on the right.