Sentence Examples

  • In the clinical field also it has received a great enlargement.
  • If at first in the 18th century, and in the earlier 19th, the discoveries in this branch of medical knowledge had a certain isolation, due perhaps to the prepossessions of the school of Sydenham, they soon became the property of the physician, and were brought into co-ordination with the clinical phenomena of disease.
  • 1843) found an adequate field for the clinical and pathological parts of their work.
  • To the value of stains in clinical diagnosis, especially in investigation of perversions of the blood in many maladies, we have already made some reference.
  • Robert James Graves (1796-1853) was a most eminent clinical teacher and observer, whose lectures are regarded as the model of clinical teaching, and indeed served as such to the most popular teacher of the Paris school in the middle of this century, Trousseau.