Sentence Examples

  • In 455 Tolmides ravaged Laconia and secured Naupactus on the Corinthian gulf; in 4544 Pericles himself defeated the Sicyonians, and made a descent upon Oeniadae at the mouth of the gulf, and in 453 conducted a cleruchy to the Thracian Chersonese.
  • In the first winter of the Peloponnesian War (431 B.C.) Athens expelled the Aeginetans, and established a cleruchy in their island.
  • In return for help against King Perseus she acquired some new possessions, notably the great mart of Delos, which became an Athenian cleruchy (166).
  • No tribute was paid by members of a cleruchy, as we find from the fact that the tribute of a city always decreased when a cleruchy was planted in it.
  • 50); but this represents the perversion of the original idea of the cleruchy to a system of reward and punishment.