Sentence Examples

  • After completing his education on the Continent of Europe, he obtained a clerkship in the War Office in 1857.
  • Senses of "clerkship" and "learning" have long since fallen obsolete.
  • On his arrival in London Lord George Germain, secretary of state, appointed him to a clerkship in his office.
  • Process which runs through the book: "If Shakespeare was really articled to a Stratford attorney, in all probability, during the five years of his clerkship, he visited London several times on his master's business, and he may then have been introduced to the green-room at Blackfriars by one of his countrymen connected with that theatre."
  • In 1756, immediately on his leaving school, he was appointed to a junior clerkship in the secretary of state's office by Henry Fox (afterwards Lord Holland), with whose family Dr Francis was at that time on intimate terms; and this post he retained under the succeeding administration.