Sentence Examples

  • The council consisted of General Clavering and the Hon.
  • He refused to ratify his resignation; and when Clavering attempted to seize on the governor-generalship, he judiciously obtained an opinion from the judges of the supreme court in his favour.
  • 4 Captains Edward Sabine and Clavering (1823) visited the coast between 72° 5' and 75° 12' N.
  • In the north part of the east coast, in the region of Scoresby Fjord and Franz Josef Fjord, numerous ruins of Eskimo settlements are found, and in 1823 Clavering met Eskimo there, but now they have either completely died out or have wandered south.
  • Along with his colleagues Monson and Clavering he reached Calcutta in October 1774, and a long struggle with Warren Hastings, the governor-general, immediately began.

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