Sentence Examples

  • Some of the service providers you'll find in the Americas include: Telcel (Mexico), Claro (Peru, Brazil), CTI Movil (Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay), Porta (Ecuador), Claro Chile (Chile), Enitel (Nicaragua), and Comcel (Colombia).
  • The cigars, when dry, are carefully sorted according to strength, which is estimated by their colour, and classed in a scale of increasing strength as claro, colorado claro, maduro and oscuro.
  • The capital of the province is Talca (pop. 18 95, 33, 2 3 2; 1902 estimated 42,766), on the Rio Claro, a tributary of the Maule, 156 m.
  • Of other affluents, the Bonito, Garcas, Cristallino and Tapirape on the west, and the Pitombas, Claro, Vermelho, Tucupa and Chavante on the east, nothing definite is known as the country is still largely unexplored.