Sentence Examples

  • But the French factions, wise for once, made peac~ at the time of Clarences expedition, and paid him 210,000 gold crowns to leave the country!
  • Since Clarences death he had been gradually falling into the habit of transferring the conduct of great matters of state to his active and hard-working youngest brother, Richard Richard, duke of Gloucester, who had served him well duke of and faithfully ever since he first took the field at Barnet.
  • Warbeck deserved all that he reaped, Edward of but the unlucky Clarences fate estranged many hearts from the king.
  • The Yorkist claim, after Clarences death, might be supposed to have passed to his cousin Edmund, earl of Suffolk, the younger brother of that John, earl of Lincoln, who had been declared heir to the crown by Richard III., and had fallen at Stoke field.

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