Sentence Examples

  • Claddagh Rings: Many ring designers use a heart shaped diamond, emerald, or ruby for the heart in the Claddagh design, not only to complete the ring but also to serve as emphasis that love is central to the relationship.
  • Rings are considered the most intimate type of jewelry - in fact, how a claddagh ring is worn may even indicate whether the wearer is already in a committed relationship or if they're looking for someone special.
  • The claddagh was traditionally part of a ring that was given to a friend or used as a wedding ring, however the symbol is used on bangles, earrings and more in the Fado Celtic jewelry collection.
  • Ring Style: Choosing similar ring styles, such as diamond promise rings, class rings, or claddagh rings shows a connection between two individuals even while they wear slightly different styles.
  • A couple could exchange simple matching promise rings such as plain bands, while Claddagh rings are a highly symbolic and lovely option that can be had more cheaply than many gemstone rings.

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