Sentence Examples

  • It is prepared by oxidizing cinnamyl alcohol, or by the action of sodium ethylate on a mixture of benzaldehyde and acetaldehyde.
  • It is associated with many other alkaloids: cinnamyl cocaine, C19H23N04; a-truxilline (C19H23N04) 2; /3-truxilline, (C19H23N04) 2; benzoylecgonine, C 16 H 19 NO 2 j tropa-cocaine, C15H19N02; hygrine, C 8 H 15 NO; cuscohygrine, C13H24N02.
  • Cinnamyl cocaine is cinnamylmethylecgonine, i.e.
  • Cocaine in which the benzoyl group is replaced by the cinnamyl group. aand 3-truxillines, named from their isolation from a coca of Truxillo (Peru), are two isomeric alkaloids which hydrolyse to ecgonine, methyl alcohol, and two isomeric acids, the truxillic acids, C18H1604.

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