Sentence Examples

  • Yet, it was not until 1892 when the brothers partnered with Frederic Henri Sandoz, the owner of the watch wholesale company, Henri Sandoz and Cie, that the business expanded.
  • He is chiefly known by his Sacred History Cie pa avay pack), a philosophical romance, based upon archaic inscriptions which he claimed to have found during his travels in various parts of Greece.
  • Plates); Vilmorin et Cie., The Vegetable Garden (Eng.
  • Since both k and c are generally variable with the temperature, and the mode of variation of either is often unknown, the results of these methods are generally less certain with regard to the actual Carves showing Cie farzalaon of Temperature wilki FIG.
  • For full bibliography see De Backer and C. Sommervogel, Bibliotheque de la Cie.