Sentence Examples

  • Thietmar wrote a Chronicon in eight books, which deals with the period between 908 and 1018.
  • Nothing else is known of his life except that he was the author of a Historia Hierosolymitanae expeditionis, or Chronicon Hierosolymitanum de bello sacro, a work in twelve books, written between 1125 and 1150.
  • See Victoria County History, Berkshire; Joseph Stevenson, Chronicon Monasterii de Abingdon, A.D.
  • Three other works, entitled Adversaria, Chronicon, 606-960, and Opusculum de vitis Romanorum pontificum, are usually, but wrongly, assigned to Liudprand.
  • - Lamech and Agrippa, Chronicon Ephratense, in.