Sentence Examples

  • Akers, Argentine, Patagonian and Chilian Sketches (London, 1893), and A History of South America 1854-1904 (New York, 1905); Theodore Child, The Spanish-American Republics (London, 1891); Sir T.
  • The tadpole of the North American bull-frog measures six inches, and that of the Chilian Calyptocephalus gayi seven and a half inches.
  • For references to memoirs descriptive of the Chilian nitrate deposits, see G.
  • The only existing case of contractual reduction of armaments is, that of the Disarmament Agreement of the 28th of May 1902 between the Chilian and Argentine republics, adopted " owing to the initiative and good offices of His Britannic Majesty," which is as follows: Art.
  • The Chilian species is M.

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