Sentence Examples

  • The proportion of ground under olives is from 20 to 36% at Porto Maurizio, and in Reggio, Lecce, Ban, Chieti and Leghorn it averages from 10 to 19%.
  • In the olive there is great variety of kinds, and the methods of cultivation differ greatly in different districts; in Ban, Chieti and Lecce, for instance, there are regular woods of nothing but olive-trees, while in middle Italy there are olive-orchards with the interspaces occupied by crops of variotis kinds.
  • Chieti and Vasto.
  • Chieti, q.v.], the chief town of the Marrucini, the whole of whose territory was placed under its municipal jurisdiction by the Romans, after the "Social War."
  • Chieti), on the east coast of Italy.