Sentence Examples

  • There are various degrees of hereditary chiefships, and a supreme chief recognized by all.
  • Lugard then endeavoured to settle some of the burning disputes relative to the division of lands and chiefships, &c., and to gain the confidence of both parties.
  • A new treaty was made, and the British flag flew over the capital, while the French party were given a proportion of chiefships and assigned the province of Buddu.
  • He added also to their chiefships, and on the 1st of April hoisted the British flag, made a new treaty with Mwanga, and sent Major Roderick Owen to enlist 400 Sudanese from the Toro colonies.
  • In theory it was an aristocracy based only upon military command; but practically it accomplished the object at which it aimed by incorporating the hereditary chiefships of Rajputana among the mushroom creations of a Mahommedan despotism.

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