Sentence Examples

  • This handmade soap is infused with herbs and includes organic oatmeal, organic pal, olive, and coconut oils, calendula, chickweed, plantain, essential tea tree oils, lavender, and other all-natural organic substances.
  • Chickweed (Stellaria media), applied as a poultice (crushed or chopped herbs applied directly to the skin) or added to bathwater, may also help relieve itching.
  • Chickweed ointment can also sooth irritated skin when it is applied once or twice daily.
  • When the carpels are united, as in the pear, arbutus and chickweed, the pistil becomes syncarpous.
  • Every morning after breakfast I prepared his bath, made his cage clean and sweet, filled his cups with fresh seed and water from the well-house, and hung a spray of chickweed in his swing.