Sentence Examples

  • Protogenes embellished the city with his paintings, and Chares of Lindus with the celebrated colossal statue of the sun-god, which was 105 ft.
  • The Greek Chares held the position of chief usher (do-ayy€Aeus).
  • The Athenians under Chares suffered a severe defeat from Amyntas, the Macedonian admiral, but in the following year gained a decisive victory under Phocion and compelled Philip to raise the siege.
  • Chares was ordered to make reprisals, but instead sailed to Corcyra, where he made the mistake of siding with the oligarchs.
  • Chabrias had already been killed in an attack on Chios in the previous autumn, and the fleet was under the command of Timotheus, Iphicrates and Chares, who sailed against Byzantium.

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