Sentence Examples

  • The chief local bodies concerned with commerce and industry are the chambres de commerce and the chambres consultatives darts et manufactures, the members of which are elected from their own number by the traders and industrialists of a certain standing.
  • It was ordered that these territories should be at once restored to that province under the crown of France, and several independent sovereigns were cited to appear before two chambers of inquiry, called chambres de reunion, which Louis had established at Brisach and Metz.
  • While maintaining its unity, the Parlement had been subdivided into several chambres or sections.
  • The Chambres des enquetes and des requetes originated at the time when it became customary to draw up lists for each session of the Parlement.
  • Several Chambres des enquetes were created after -the first one, and it was they who had the greater part of the work.

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