Sentence Examples

  • The chitinous chaetae have their origin in special ectodermal pits, at the base of which is one large cell which is thought to secrete the chaeta, as in Chaetopods.
  • The chaetae drop off, and the lophophore is believed to arise from thickenings which appear in the dorsal mantle lobe.
  • By this time the eyes have disappeared, the four bundles of chaetae have dropped off, and the lophophore has begun to appear as an outgrowth of the dorsal mantle lobe.
  • The Chaetopoda are characterized by the possession of horny epidermic chaetae embedded in the integument and moved by muscles.
  • Probably the chaetae preceded the development of parapodia, and by their concentration and that of the muscular bundles connected with them at the sides of each segment, led directly to the evolution of the parapodia.

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