Sentence Examples

  • Cerumen is most likely to become impacted when it is pushed against the eardrum by cotton-tipped applicators, hair pins, or other objects that people put in their ears, and when it is trapped against the eardrum by a hearing aid.
  • This pushes cerumen and normal skin debris back into the ear canal, instead of allowing the ear canal's normal cleaning mechanism of the ear to work, which would ordinarily move accumulations of cerumen and debris out of the ear.
  • The diagnosis of impacted cerumen is usually made by examining the ear canal and eardrum with an otoscope, an instrument with a light attached that allows the doctor to look into the canal.
  • In children younger than one year, cerumen impaction is sometimes discovered during a routine check-up when the doctor finds that the earwax is blocking his or her view of the eardrum.
  • If irrigation cannot be used or fails to remove the cerumen, the doctor can remove the wax with a vacuum device or a curette, which is a small scoop-shaped surgical instrument.