Sentence Examples

  • (e) " Cephas" is found.
  • It appears that the apostle had two names, each existing in a double form - Greek and Hebrew, Symeon (iivr,w) which was Graecized according to the sound into Simon, and Cephas (s;') which was Graecized according to the meaning into Peter (Mrpos).
  • Symeon and Simon are both well-known names in Aramaic and Greek respectively, but Cephas and Peter are previously unknown.
  • The Gospels agree in regarding Cephas or Peter as an additional name, which was given by Christ.
  • 27, that he was at the time known as " Levi the son of Alphaeus " (compare Simon Cephas, Joseph Barnabas) :: if so, " James the son of Alphaeus " may have been his brother.

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