Sentence Examples

  • 48), Cephalopoda parous gland.
  • Lankester as a branch of the Cephalopoda, chiefly on account of the protrusible suckerbearing processes at the anterior end of Pneumonoderma.
  • The demonstration which it affords of the extreme shortening of the Euthyneurous visceral nerve-loop is most instructive and valuable for comparison with and explanation of the condition of the nervous centres in Cephalopoda, as also of some Opisthobranchia.
  • ' Classes: Cephalopoda, Gasteropoda, Pteropoda, Lamellibranchiata, Brachiopoda, Tunicata.
  • As in Cephalopoda (and possibly other Mollusca) water can be introduced through the nephridia into this space.