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  • Krose's Katholische Missionsstatistik (1908), the following totals of Roman Catholic Missions amongst non-Christians have been compiled: European priests, 7933; native priests, 5837; lay brothers, 5270; sisters, 21,320; catechists, 24,524; native membership, 7,441,215; catechumens, 1,517,909.
  • In 1725 the gift called the " royal bounty " was first granted - a subsidy amounting at first to £1000 per annum, increased in George IV.'s reign to £2000, and continued to the present day; its original object was to assist the reclamation of the Highlands from Roman Catholicism by means of catechists and teachers.
  • Gregory of Nyssa's Great Catechesis is an instruction to catechists how they should proceed - though of course stating the writer's theology and apologetic, with his belief in universal salvation.

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