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  • John Cassian (c. 380) tells us that throughout Egypt the Psalms were divided into groups of twelve, and that after each group there followed two lessons, one from the Old, one from the New Testament (De caenob.
  • For the East it has had the same importance as the similar writings of Jerome, Sulpicius Severus and Cassian for the West.
  • Cassian von Natur and Gnade (Freiburg, 1895); W.
  • This scholarly linguist, equipped with modern methods of scientific research, did not confine himself to the classical period like Csoma, but extended his ' The Capuchin friars who were settled in Lhasa for a quarter of a century from 1719 studied the language; two of them, Francisco Orazio della Penna, well known from his accurate description of Tibet, and Cassian di Macerata sent home materials which were utilized by the Augustine friar Aug.
  • 7,992 Col dei Bos (Falzarego Glen to the Travernanzes Glen), foot path 7,579 Forcella Grande (San Vito to Auronzo), foot path 7,422 Pordoi Pass (Caprile to Campitello), carriage road 7,382 Sellajoch (Groden Glen to Campitello), bridle path 7,277 Tre Sassi Pass (Cortina to St Cassian), foot path 7,215 Mahlknechtjoch (Upper Duron Glen to the Seiser Alp), foot path.

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