Sentence Examples

  • His career as a soldier being then finally closed, Carrel resolved to devote himself to literature.
  • The book was never finished, but the fragment he completed was published in 1808, and was translated into French by Armand Carrel in 1846.
  • But the accession to power of the Polignac ministry in August 1829 changed his projects, and at the beginning of the next year Thiers, with Armand Carrel, Mignet, and others started the National, a new opposition newspaper.
  • In 1830 he founded the National with Thiers and Armand Carrel, and signed the journalists' protest against the Ordonnances de juillet, but he refused to accept his share of the spoil after his party had won.
  • JEAN BAPTISTE NICOLAS ARMAND CARREL (1800-1836), French publicist, was born at Rouen on the 8th of May 1800.