Sentence Examples

  • She was educated with great strictness in the convent of the Carmelites in the Rue St Jacques at Paris.
  • As her health failed she hardly ever left the convent of the Carmelites in which she had been educated.
  • In England the chief orders of friars were distinguished by the colour of their habit: thus the Franciscans or Minors were the Grey Friars; the Dominicans or Preachers were the Black Friars (from their black mantle over a white habit), and the Carmelites were the White Friars (from their white mantle over a brown habit): these, together with the Austin Friars or Hermits, formed the four great mendicant orders - Chaucer's "alle the ordres foure."
  • The Carmelites maintain a mission in Bagdad, as does also the (English) Church Missionary Society.
  • De Berulle et les Carmelites; Le Pre de Berulle et l'oratoire de Jesus; Le Cardinal de Berulle et Richelieu (3 vols., 1872-1876), by the Abbe M.