Sentence Examples

  • The Kish story line garnered national attention when recurring One Life to Live actress Patricia Mauceri (Carlotta Vega) reportedly lost her job because she voiced religious objections to her character's involvement with the couple.
  • If you and your friends want to try your hand at the roles of Christine, Raoul, Carlotta, and, of course, the Phantom himself, the good news is that Phantom of the Opera karaoke MP3 clips are relatively easy to find online.
  • Cesare wished to marry Carlotta, the daughter of the king of Naples, but both she and her father resolutely refused an alliance with "a priest, the bastard of a priest."
  • In May 1867 he married the princess Maria Carlotta del Pozzo della Cisterna.
  • His tragedy Francesca da Rimini, was brought out with success by Carlotta Marchionni at Milan in 1818.