Sentence Examples

  • The cardinal grosbeak, or Virginian nightingale, Cardinalis virginianus, claims notice here, though doubts may be entertained as to the family to which it really belongs.
  • The former attacks apple and pear; the latter, which selects orange and citron, was introduced into America from Australia, and carried ruin before it in some orange districts until its natural enemy, the lady-bird beetle, Vedalia cardinalis, was also imported.
  • At its head is the cardinal camerlengo (Sanctae Romanae Ecclesiae Cardinalis Camerarius), who, as we know, exercises the external authority during the vacancy of the Holy See.
  • Lychnis oculata cardinalis: hardy, z 2 ft., rosy-crimson; very brilliant.
  • Cardinalis, 2 to 3 ft., has scarlet flowers, with the limb segments reflexed; M.