Sentence Examples

  • " college of two doors," built in 1439 by Shah Rukh, and some fine caravanserais, two dating from 1680.
  • There are about ten commodious caravanserais and a number of colleges.
  • There are said to be about thirty khans or caravanserais in Bagdad for the reception of pilgrims and merchants and their goods, none of which is of any importance as a building, with the single exception of the khan el-Aurtmeh adjoining the Marjanieh mosque, to which it formerly belonged.
  • There are five caravanserais, three mosques and a post office.
  • The principal street runs from the south or Kandahar gate to the market in front of the citadel, and is covered in with a vaulted roof through its entire length, the shops and buildings of this bazaar being much superior to those of the other streets, and the merchants' caravanserais, several of which are spacious and well built, all opening out on this great thoroughfare.

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