Sentence Examples

  • The gardens to the north-east contain a caravanserai, which is fairly well kept and comfortable.
  • CARAVANSERAI, a public building, for the shelter of a caravan and of wayfarers generally in Asiatic Turkey.
  • Should the caravanserai be a small one, the merchants and their goods alone find place within, the beasts of burden being left outside.
  • Sometimes a municipality takes on itself to construct and maintain a caravanserai; but in any case the institution is tax-free, and its revenues are inalienable.
  • When, as sometimes happens, those revenues have been dissipated by peculation, neglect or change of times, the caravanserai passes through downward stages of dilapidation to total ruin (of which only too many examples may be seen) unless some new charity intervene to repair and renew it.