Sentence Examples

  • When the king of Persia, Shapur, captured Mazaca-Caesarea, the Cappadocian capital, Samuel refused to mourn for the 12,000 Jews who lost their livesin its defence.
  • In the latter part of the 16th century B.C. all north Syria fell under the Cappadocian Hatti domination.
  • The Cappadocian court admitted the full stream of Hellenistic culture under Ariarathes V.
  • Of the Cappadocian rulers the best-known one ("PhiloRomaeus" on the coins) reigned nominally from 93 to 63 B.C., but was three times expelled by Mithradates the Great and as often reinstated by Roman generals.
  • The Fathers of the 4th century, and notably the Cappadocian Fathers, provide us with a quantity of evidence on this subject, which leaves no doubt as to the practice of the invocation of saints, nor of the complete approval with which it was viewed.