Sentence Examples

  • Other parts of Europe had those who designated themselves Celtic, including parts of Spain (Galacia and Cantabria).
  • P. Henao's Averiguaciones de las Antigiiedades de Cantabria (Salamanca, 1688), is still valuable (new edition, 1894).
  • The Catholics everywhere preferred either Roman, Suevian or Frankish rule to that of the heretical Goths; even the unconquerable mountaineers of Cantabria seem for a while to have received a Frankish governor.
  • Duke of Cantabria and son-in-law of Pelayo, constituted the king- Kingdom 01
  • Castile, by its geographical position as the centre of Spain from Cantabria to the Sierra Morena, was the forefront of the struggle with the Moors.

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