Sentence Examples

  • In The Hills Have Eyes, horror rises to a new level as a simple, classic American family finds themselves at the hands of a cannibalistic tribe up to things most families can't even dream of.
  • In January of 1573, French hermit and cannibalistic serial murderer Gilles Garnier was convicted of being a werewolf and burned at the stake.
  • It is tall and slender with wolf-like features and cannibalistic tendencies.
  • As a commercial product spider-silk has been found to be equal, if not superior, to the best silk spun by lepidopterous larvae; but the cannibalistic propensities of spiders, making it impossible to keep more than one in a single receptacle, coupled with the difficulty of getting them to spin freely in a confined space, have hitherto prevented the silk being used on any extensive scale for textile fabrics.
  • Incarnating the God, may be well applied to the Athamantid sacrifice and to that of King Lycaon; for he derives his name from the divinity himself, and according to one version' he offers his own child; and the Lycaonid legend presents one almost unique feature, which is only found elsewhere in legendary Dionysiac sacrifice, the human flesh is eaten, and the sacrifice is a cannibalistic-sacrament, of which the old Mexican religion offers conspicuous example.