Sentence Examples

  • Berry (uniting Montlucon with the canalized Cher and the Loire canal) 163
  • Of Le Treport, at the mouth of the Bresle, which is canalized between the two towns.
  • The river was also canalized, a telephone service introduced, and extensive drainage works carried out.
  • Long), the Reek Canal (92 m.), the Riidersdorfer Gewasser (112 m.), the Rheinsberger Canal (1 T4 m.), and the Sacrow-Paretzer Canal (io m.), besides which the Spree has been canalized for a distance of 28 m., and the Elbe for a distance of 70 m.
  • E.) on the Ysel; and there is a regular steamboat service in various directions, Amsterdam being reached by the canalized Gouwe; Aar, Drecht and Amstel.

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