Sentence Examples

  • Of the bridge over it, and so through the Campanian plain, with many windings, into the sea.
  • End of the Campanian Plain, the highest cone, called Montagna di Santa Croce, is 3291 ft.
  • Here the Via Appia turned eastward towards Beneventum, while the Via Popiia continued in a south-easterly direction through the Campanian plain and thence southwards through the mountains of Lucania and Bruttii as far as Rhegium.
  • 24.1) characterizing his epitaph as written in a vein of "Campanian arrogance" it has been inferred that he was born in one of the Latin communities settled in Campania.
  • But the phrase "Campanian arrogance" seems to have been used proverbially for "gasconade"; and, as there was a plebeian gens Naevia in Rome, it is quite as probable that he was by birth a Roman citizen.