Sentence Examples

  • When you wear French satin knickers as they were originally intended -- with a matching bra, bustier, corset or camisole, combined with a garter belt and stockings -- you create a classic vision of femininity that never loses its appeal.
  • Even if you're not wearing your camisole as a pajama top, having this on under a sweater or on its own will make you feel like you're cuddling up with a great book and a cup of steaming hot chocolate-they're that cozy and comfortable.
  • Choose a Cami Instead of Shapewear: If you only need a little compression to look slim, then wear a camisole with a tighter fit in microfiber, plus a little padding in the bust region to make your waist look skinnier in comparison.
  • In practical terms, the different camisole sets, especially the ones that come in bold and exotic colors like purple and sapphire, mean that you can create a wide variety of outfits without spending bucket loads of money.
  • A peek of a strap or wearing your shiny camisole on the outside will make your partner (and quite possibly a few other people in the room) unable to take their eyes off of you--and dream about putting their hands on you.