Sentence Examples

  • European plant with ample downy leaves, bearing in autumn bright orange-red bladder-like calyces, enclosing Cherry-like fruits of a pleasant acid flavor, and perfectly wholesome either raw or preserved.
  • The other species is less common, and is a free-growing shrub, 6 feet high or more, bearing large loose clusters of flowers, the corollas white, the calyces a deep brownish-red, blooming in September.
  • It is by no means showy, and its only recommendation for the garden is the singular form of its calyces, which are bell-shaped and densely arranged on erect stems about 1 foot in height.
  • Brilliant - Leaves large, richly tinted in autumn and winter; flowers purple; calyces and pedicels crimson; fine.
  • It is a fine subject for skeletonising, and the stems, bracts, and calyces may be skeletonised intact.