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  • The most valuable species, called C. Calisaya, is found in the forests of Caravaya in south Peru and in those of Bolivia.
  • Forest Products.-The forest and other natural products include rubber, cinchona bark, ivory-nuts, mocora and toquilla fibre for the manufacture of hats, hammocks, &c., cabaya fibre for shoes and cordage, vegetable wool (Bombax ceiba), sarsaparilla, vanilla, cochineal, cabinet woods, fruit, resins, &c. The original source of the Peruvian bark of commerce, the Cinchona calisaya, is completely exhausted, and the " red bark " derived from C. succirubra, is now the principal source of supply from Ecuador.
  • Quina or calisaya is a natural product of the eastern Andes, and is found at an altitude of 3000 to 9000 ft.
  • The calisaya trees of Bolivia rank among the best, and their bark forms an important item in her foreign trade.
  • For this reason those barks which, like C. Calisaya, C. officinalis, and C. Ledgeriana, contain but little colouring matter are preferred, the quinine being more easily extracted from them in a colourless form.

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