Sentence Examples

  • Calciferous gland or dart-sac on the female duct.
  • Lower limestone shales of the south and centre of England with marine fossils, and the Calciferous Sandstone group of Scotland with marine, estuarine and terrestrial fossils.
  • The plateau type was most extensively developed during the formation of the Calciferous Sandstone; the puy type was of somewhat later date.
  • 14 stones, with thin limestones towards the top and the Hurlet (Renf rewshire) limestone at the bottom; (I) Calciferous Sandstone series - (b) Upper or Cement Stone group, consisting of white and grey sandstones (of which the city of Edinburgh was built), black shales, thin limestones (Burdiehouse, near Edinburgh), and occasional coal seams; (a) Lower Red Sandstone group, with reddish and greenish marls and shales, passing down with the Upper Old Red Sandstone.
  • The thin seams of the Calciferous Sandstone are not workable, but the bituminous shales in the Firth of Forth basin are largely worked for the manufacture of mineral oil.