Sentence Examples

  • Calceolaria Violacea - A distinct kind, with small helmet-shaped flowers, rich purple and spotted; succeeds well on warm borders or the rock garden, and, if slightly protected, withstands mild winters in the south.
  • Calceolaria Plantaginea - A low-growing plant spreading by means of short side growths; the leaves, formed in rosettes, are broadly ovate, with toothed margins and attain a considerable size in moist positions.
  • Calceolaria Hyssopifolia - One of the best of the dwarf kinds, bearing loose clusters of lemon-yellow blossoms from early summer till autumn, the foliage resembling that of Hyssop.
  • Calceolaria Kellyana - A curious hardy hybrid, with short downy stems, 6 to 9 inches high, flowers about an inch across, yellow with numerous small brown dots top of the stems.
  • Calceolaria John Innes - A remarkably fine plant raised at the John Innes Horticultural Institute, Surrey, the result of crossing C. plantaginea and C. polyrrhiza.