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  • Phajinae, includes 15 genera chiefly tropical Asiatic, some- Phajus and Calanthe - spreading northwards into China and Japan.
  • The following is a select list of genera in cultivation: - Acineta Ada Aerides Angraecum Anguloa Anoectochilus Ansellia Arachnanthe Arpophyllum Barkeria Batemannia Bifrenaria Brassavola Brassia Brasso-Cattleya* Broughtonia Bulbophyllum Burlingtonia Calanthe Catasetum Cattleya Chysis Cirrhopetalum Cochlioda Coelia Coelogyne Comparettia Cycnoches Pachystoma Zygopetalum Palms. - These form charming table and drawing-room plants when quite young.

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