Sentence Examples

  • Father Cahier would even trace the book to Tatian, and it is true that that heresiarch mentions a writing of his own upon animals.
  • On the other hand, the opinion of Cardinal Pitra, who referred the Physiologus to the more orthodox though somewhat peculiar teaching of the Alexandrians, is fully borne out by a close examination of the irregularities of doctrine pointed out in the Physiologus by Cahier, all which are to be met with in Origen.
  • (Vienna, 1850); Cahier and Martin, Melanges d'archeologie, &c. ii.
  • (1856); Cahier, Nouveaux melanges (1874), p. 106 seq.; J.
  • Espousing the principles of the Revolution in 1789, he was commissioned by the noblesse of the province to draw up the cahier (statement of principles and grievances); and the senechaussee of Montpellier elected him deputy to the states-general of Versailles; but the election was annulled on a technical point.