Sentence Examples

  • Busoga and the western part of the Elgon district in this province have a regular West African climate - hot, moist and not over-healthy.
  • The Eastern province consists of well-forested, undulating land (Busoga) on the coast of the lake, a vast extent of marsh round the lake-like backwaters of the Victoria Nile (Lakes Ibrahim or Kioga, Kwania, &c.) and a more stony, open, grain-growing country (Bukedi, Lobor, Karamojo).
  • In the Eastern province the rocks are mainly quartz, gneiss and granite, with sandstone in Busoga, basalt round Mt Elgon, slate (Busoga) and iron- g stone (Busoga and Bukedi).
  • There are indications of copper in Busoga, of gold in Unyoro.
  • Busoga and the Elgon district the flora is very West African in character.

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