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  • The antelopes include the beisa oryx, fairly common and widely distributed; the greater and lesser kudu (the greater kudu is not found on the Ogaden plateau); the Somali hartebeest (Bubalis Swaynei), found only in the Haud and Ogo districts; waterbuck, rare except along the Webi Shebeli and the Nogal; the dol or Somali bushbuck; the dibatag or Clarke's gazelle; the giraffe-like gerenuk or Waller's gazelle, very common; the aoul or Soemmering's gazelle, widely distributed; the dero (Gazella Speki); and the small dikdik or sakaro antelope, found in almost every thicket.
  • - Female Bushbuck (Tragelaphus scriptus).
  • The gnu, bushbuck and koodoo) can certainly lay a strong claim to the honour.
  • BONGO (Boocercus eurycerus), a West African bushbuck, the largest of the group. The male is deep chestnut, marked on the body with narrow white stripes, on the chest with a white crescent, and on the face by two white spots below the eye.
  • BUSHBUCK (Boschbok), the South African name of a mediumsized red antelope, marked with white lines and spots, belonging to a local race of a widely spread species, Tragelaphus scriptus.

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