Sentence Examples

  • She has presented, taught and published articles on these topics and is writing a book on chronic stress, burnout and compassion fatigue for the professional along with a daily stress management technique book.
  • This series of steps is known as General Adaptation Syndrome, and it will sound familiar to anyone with a high-stress job who is suffering burnout, because every day feels like this to you.
  • But regardless, Burnout: Revenge conveyed the feeling of speed very well, with blurring, shaking, and the loss of control when taking a sharp corner at 200 MPH.Controlling your car in Burnout: Revenge seems pretty standard and well done.
  • To avoid scheduling conflicts or holiday celebration burnout, consider scheduling your party in late November or early December - or even waiting until the beginning of January to host the event as a kick off for the new year.
  • In addition, the line includes casual clothes such as recycled burnout t-shirts and wraps, organic French terry hoodies and other items for going to and from yoga, a retreat or just hanging out around the house and relaxing.