Sentence Examples

  • These schepenen appointed in their turn from the citizens to assist them a body of sworn councillors (gezworencn or :lures), whose presidents, styled " burgomasters," had the supervision of the communal finances.
  • Two of the number are nominated by their colleagues as burgomasters, who preside in succession for a year at a time and hold office four years, one retiring every two years.
  • In 1311, the two burgomasters, now chiefs of the municipality, take the place of the royal Schultheiss.
  • Two aldermen, later styled burgomasters, were to preside, the one over the Schepenen, the other over the Raad, sharing this presidency with two episcopal officials.
  • The first chamber consists of the adult princes of the blood, two representatives of the Lutheran and one of the Roman Catholic Church, a representative of Leipzig university, the proprietor (or a deputy) of the Herrschaft of Wildenfels, a proprietor of the mediatized domains, two of Standesherrschaften, one of those of four estates in fee, the superintendent at Leipzig, a deputy of the collegiate institution at Wurzen, 12 deputies elected by owners of nobiliar estates, ten landed proprietors and five other members nominated by the king and the burgomasters of eight towns.