Sentence Examples

  • Eye by veteran bureaucrats, who kept to the old customs of the land.
  • For his ministers, bureaucrats of an orderly frame of mind, devised for their own convenience rules and customs which became permanent, and could be cited against those later kings who interfered more actively in the details of domestic governance.
  • Disappointed, to find that he could gather few supporters; the justiciar and the bureaucrats of the Curia Regis would give him no assistance; they worked on honestly in the name of the absent king.
  • The bureaucrats of the old systemhaving returned to their offices and being used to these indirect taxeslent their assistance, and thus the Directory was enabled to maintain its struggle against the Coalition.
  • In 1139 Stephen had wrought himself fatal damage by quarrelling with the ecclesiastical bureaucrats, the kinsmen and allies of Roger of Salisbury, who had been among his earliest adherents.