Sentence Examples

  • If the Hebrew Omer (OM also is to be identified with the Egyptian papyrus, something may be said in favour of the tradition that the bulrushes of which the ark was composed in which the infant Moses was laid were in fact papyrus.
  • It is to boats of this description that Isaiah probably refers in the " vessels of bulrushes upon the waters " (xviii.
  • The materials used are numerous; but the principal substances are straw, the bulrushes Typha elephantine and T.
  • The date of Sargon is placed by Nabonidus at 3800 B.C. He was the son of Itti-Bel, and a legend related how he had been born in concealment and sent adrift in an ark of bulrushes on the waters of the Euphrates.
  • By "ark," is used in the Old Testament (I) of the box made of bulrushes in which Pharaoh's daughter found the infant Moses (Exodus ii.

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